Fun keynote turns into a memory challenge

After my keynote a sceptic remembers 30 digits! After a recent fun keynote, a gentleman came up to me and said he didn’t believe my memory was no different from his.  He said that I must have been born with this ability to recite the capital cities, square mileage and populations of every country on earth. …

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I Saved $15 by Speaking Backwards, Great Customer Service

Customer Service at its best After delivering a recent keynote presentation, I decided to send the client a gift basket to say thanks.  I looked up a company in Ottawa and chose a gift.  The next day I received an email with my invoice and this note attached: Dear Bob, Thank you for your order. Delivery in…

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Can we do anything about dementia?

How to help Stave off Dementia What’s the most effective way to keep your brain healthy and stave off dementia as you age? You may not want to hear the answer….but it’s physical exercise, the type most of us hate, where we elevate our heart rate for at least 30 minutes several times a week….but…

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Your Brain Lies To You

Your brain doesn’t always tell you the truth, it often lies to you. Answer this problem quickly. A coffee and a cookie together cost $1.10. The coffee cost $1 more than the cookie. How much does the coffee cost? Most people say $1, which is wrong. The coffee costs $1.05 and the cookie 5¢. Our…

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Memorize the US Presidents

Lincoln to Garfield How to memorize the US Presidents. In my previous posts I had you memorize the 1st fifteen presidents by linking them together in groups of five to three separate rooms in your home, with the first president, Washington, associated to your 1st location in your home, I used my downstairs hallway and placed a…

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Remember the US Presidents

Quincy Adams to Harrison Remember the US Presidents. I mentioned in my previous post how as a keynote presenter I often have the audience remember the US Presidents as a creative exercise for forming images. I thought I would extend it beyond the first 10 and write a series of posts to show how to…

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Left Brain Right Brain

Left Brain Right Brain thinking. As a motivational keynote speaker I am always looking for interesting exercises to share with the audience. Here’s one for you to try: Which of the following numbers is least like the others? 1    Thirty-one 2    One-third 3    Thirteen Take your time. You have a decision? Many…

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“My Brain Hurts.. I’ve Only Got So Much Space Up There.”

Not enough space in my brain. So I have to save it for the important stuff! As a conference keynote speakerwho speaks on memory,  I have had every brain myth thrown at me at one time or another over the years. One of the most common is, “I only have so much space in my brain,…

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Why a better memory should be your New Years Resolution

I thought I’d give it a couple weeks before I spoke about making a New Years Resolution. Did you make any? Have any of them already fallen to the wayside? Although New Years resolutions are obviously personal to an individual, there are plenty of “greatest hits” that show up for lots of us time and…

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