When common memory lapses occur, it not only leads to frustration, embarrassment and lost credibility… it carries a negative image. Conversely, an excellent memory conveys the image of success and of someone who is in control.

Imagine the impression you’ll make when you are able to immediately recall the names of clients, their interests and hobbies; quote prices and product numbers; keep business appointments and deliver presentations, all without ever having to refer to notes or other sources. A trained memory is a business asset attainable by everyone. Bob Gray can make this happen for you at your next convention or meeting. A strong believer that having fun creates the best learning environment, Bob’s gregarious style make the teaching process seem like recreation.

Keynote Speaker

Bob Gray is a Funny Motivational Speaker that delivers phenomenal keynotes, presentations, and workshops tailored to suit your meeting or conference agenda.  Funny, unique and interactive in his entertaining keynotes and workshops, Bob reveals the untapped potential in each of us. His empowering systems and their many applications in the business world give participants immediate ‘walk away’ value.  As a leading Keynote speaker, Bob Gray speaks across The United States, Canada and the globe delighting audiences everywhere. His audiences have ranged from small intimate groups of 25 to Conference Keynotes to 5000 across six continents.

Bob’s popular speaking topics include:

• [Face] to Face

Face-to-faceNetwork Like a Millionaire and Never Forget a Name

You will love networking after this. With this version of his 90 minute keynote, workshop or concurrent session, Bob is able to share the #1 memory problem in business today – how to recall clients’ names.

How often have you bumped into clients, or customers, or someone you know but can’t remember his name, or hers? Socially, this can be embarrassing, and in business, it can be disastrous. With our lives already so hectic, and the number of people who are important to us increasing every day, we need an instant and easy way to keep each and every one of them active in our memory. The sweetest sound to someone is the sound of his or her own name. By recalling a correct name, especially after only one introduction, you will not only engage and flatter its owner, but you will be remembered for your thoughtful interest.

In his amusing, unusual and empowering presentation, Bob reveals a wonderful method to easily recall and store into memory the names of new friends and business acquaintances. Having been taught the system, participants are quickly and easily able to recall both first and last names of several new acquaintances as they are introduced during the presentation. It’s a hilarious system that will have the audience in hysterics… and it works!

90 Minute Keynote • Fun interactive keynote

• [Experience] the Power of Connections

Present-like-a-proAccelerate Your Memory Into Rapid Recall

Take your connections to the next level. In this presentation, Bob reveals the untapped memory potential in each of us.

Bob delivers two incredibly powerful memory demonstrations, which never fail to astonish. After entertaining the audience with his own memory, he enriches their minds by teaching the hilarious and practical ‘Chain’ system. (A system dating all the way back to ancient Greece, which is an invaluable tool for memorizing speeches, presentations lists, complex equations and more!)

Members of the audience always leave grinning and eager to test their new skills. Watch them practice recall at conferences, on the road, at home, and at the office.

Are you ready to accelerate you memory into rapid recall? The skills lie a short keynote away.

60 Minute Keynote • Fun with walk-away value

• [Master] Class

Sales-trainingHalf- or Full-day Session, All Techniques Covered

Master class: memory’s best kept secret. In this half- or full-day workshop Bob will introduce the group to four major memory systems. Expanding on his ninety-minute keynote, he will introduce them to the Peg System and The Phonetic Index. This session can be customized to support your sales team.

The Peg System gives the student the ability to memorize schedules, calendars, meetings, feature lists and rules and regulations. It is one of the easiest time savers you’ll ever learn.

The Phonetic Index, was developed over three hundred years ago and is often considered to be the single most powerful memory system ever devised. Yet, until now, has been known by only a handful of scholars and experts. Bob retrieved the Phonetic Index from history’s dustbin, revamped it, and made it directly applicable for today’s business leaders. This system gives the user the ability to recall the biggest stumper of them all – numerical information. On a basic level, the Phonetic Index makes the memorization of phone numbers and serial numbers as easy as smiling. Using it in conjunction with some of Bob’s other techniques, it becomes a valuable resource, allowing the student to recall deep banks of information. As an example of this, Bob demonstrates how he himself has memorized the capitals, population and square mileage of every nation on earth, as well as the major world events for every year of the twentieth century. In the workshops, groups never fail to amaze themselves by memorizing, both forwards and in reverse, a randomly generated thirty-digit number. It is an exercise that shows the incredible, untapped potential in each of us.

Half or Full Day Session • Fun interactive workshop

Available as Workshop and Consultant.
Customized to support your team or sales team.

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Need more information about Bob Gray’s keynotes? Here’s some more…

Motivational Keynote Speaker

With a focus on adding value to your unique business, Bob is a motivational keynote speaker that imparts practical techniques that benefit his audience both socially and in business.

His topic of improving memory can impart practical lessons and key tactics that are proven to impact business performance and personal success. When choosing a motivational keynote speaker, it’s important to select based on the speaker’s ability to inject energy into the room, as well as provide a meaningful opportunity to improve oneself. Bob Gray offers both of these with stage presence, humor, and lasting impact. When selecting your motivational keynote speaker, contact Bob Gray to find out how he can deliver a unique interactive and humorous start, close or lunch presentation for your conference.

Conference Keynote Speaker

As a conference speaker, Bob Gray delivers a performance that adds to the day’s unique content as well as offering a motivational keynote to keep audiences in rapt attention, be it an opening or closing Conference Keynote, lunch Conference Keynote or a spousal program.

A top keynote speaker across all industries, Bob Gray’s keynote presentations on memory can be applied to both business as well as personal growth. An excellent memory conveys the image of success and of someone who is in control. And who wouldn’t want a skill to convey that?

Imagine the impression you’ll make when you are able to immediately recall the names of all your clients, their interests and hobbies; quote prices and product numbers; keep business appointments and deliver presentations, all without ever having to refer to notes or other sources. A trained memory is a business asset attainable by everyone.

A conference keynote speaker should be able to set the tone and retain (or sometimes regain) interest from the audience. Bob engages the audience with both humor and elicits ‘wow’s from his demonstrations on memory applications. Totally interactive, fun and the audience walks away with tangible skills that can be used both professionally and socially.

Workshop Presenter

Sometimes the energy and humor of a motivational keynote speaker and the content of a conference keynote speaker needs to be combined for a smaller, more intimate audience. Bob offers this combo in his workshops where he dives more deeply into the memory systems.  Again, his workshops are totally interactive with a slant on having fun.

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