Clients Have Said


Evaluation of speaker Robert G. Gray:
Topic was of value to me:
Strongly agree
Program fulfilled my expectations:
Strongly agree
What Attendees Said:
  • Excellent! Best speaker I’ve heard.
  • Absolutely great! Outstanding
  • Great! Most beneficial class of PCMA.
  • He provides an invaluable gift.
  • Great speaker! I should never forget a name from now on.
  • Great tips for memorization
  • Must have next year.
  • The best personal development session of the meeting.
  • Very entertaining and lively.
  • Get him next year!
  • Excellent!
  • Awesome! Great way to learn!
  • Fantastic sense of humor! Props very effective.
  • Great! Wish I could take his whole course!
  • Humorous! Friendly! Enthusiastic and organized.
  • Entertaining and educational.
  • Extend to 2 sessions to cover more techniques.
  • Make the presentation longer, or in 2 parts.
  • Great speaker – very funny and informative.
  • Bring him back next year!
  • Bring him back to cover techniques 3 & 4
  • Excellent. Very helpful in this business!
  • Speaker is phenomenal.
  • Bring him back for half-day seminar.
  • Very entertaining!
  • Great speaker! Fabulous.
  • Great session!
  • Very entertaining – great speaker!
  • Best session I’ve attended.
  • Wonderful! Love the humor! Best workshop!
  • He was outstanding!
  • He’s great!
  • Excellent presentation!
  • Excellent! Very entertaining! Great speaker!
  • Repeat for a longer time period.
  • Very funny gentleman.
  • Outstanding presentation – great tips.
  • Wonderful!
“Our highest rated speaker…ever!” Brought back for four consecutive years!


“When delegates willingly and even enthusiastically pull themselves out of bed to attend a 7.30am follow-up seminar with Bob, having attended a very late night networking event the night before, you know you’ve employed a great speaker. We first hired Bob for our Congress  in Rhodes, Greece, and the evaluations were so high that we immediately brought him back for our next event in Thailand. Knowing we’d have a lot of first timers at this year’s  Congress in Florence we again turned to Bob and once again he astounded and motivated our delegates to unlock the potential of their own memory power. We attracted delegates from 71 countries this year, so Bob’s ability to communicate across cultures, age groups and business backgrounds is invaluable. All you need to supply him with is a “White Board” and some chunky marker pens, and you’ve got a fantastic delegate experience lined up and ready to go! It also helps that he’s one of the nicest blokes to have around at an event even when he’s not on stage.”

Martin Sirk

Project Management Institute

PMI Southern Alberta Chapter Professional Development Conference Session Evaluation Results (Summary)

Session Presenter & Session Title: Bob Gray: I’m No Good with Names – But I Never Forget a Face

ColdWell Banker

Your session entitled “I’m No Good With Names…But I Never Forget A Face!” was truly outstanding. In my position, over the past ten years, I have heard hundreds of individuals present and this was one of those rare occasions where I came back a second time, just thirty minutes later, to hear you again.

Your delivery was great, but your content was even better. We have all faced situations where we are unable to recall the name of an individual we just met. It was great to learn your method to easily recall and store into memory the names of new business acquaintances, and you made it fun!

Thanks again for delivering your powerful message to our group and I hope we will be working together again in the future.

Richard E. May
Vice President – Education
The Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation


Thank you for your outstanding presentation to our top advisors at our President’s Conference in Rome Italy.

Our senior executives and attendees were all in agreement that you did an outstanding job, not often do we see a standing ovation for a guest speaker. You are without a doubt one of the best presenters we have had.

Susan Tumback CMP


I am pleased to report that both your lecture to the entire group of almost 550 lawyers, as well as your workshop lectures, were among the highest ever given to a seminar speaker for The National Association of Criminal Defence Lawyers.

Your techniques for remembering important details such as juror’s names and case citations is immensely helpful to lawyers in the courtroom. I was particularly impressed with the time and effort you spent customizing your presentation to fit our needs. Based on your professional demeanour, informative subject matter, and entertaining presentation, feel free to add me to what must be a long list of satisfied clients.

Steve Oberman

Rogers Communications

As our keynote speaker for our employee development program, “Saturday Morning @ Rogers”, you were a pleasure to work with. You are the highest rated speaker in a program that has been running for over 10 years. Your style is entertaining, engaging and extremely motivating. Participants from his sessions still talk months later about your presentation and how they’re applying what they learned at work. You gave the participants access to memory systems that are effective and actionable. Comments from the Toronto Rogers audience:

Impressive!! Easy to learn memory tips. Great session.”
“Great interaction and memorable speaker. Thank you for bringing Bob Gray in.”
“An amazing speaker/consultant.”
“Absolutely fantastic! What an ingenious man.”
“It’s great and different. Very impressive.”
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you for any event. Participants will ask for more once they’ve seen your impressive session.

Regards, Kelly Riddell
Consultant, Organization Development Rogers Communications Inc.

American Dental Association

This year I have attended three state dental conventions, besides the national one in San Francisco. I have also attended at least twenty other days of multi faceted lectures this past year. Each lecture series I have attended has lasted from three to nine hours and I honestly have to say that your lecture was number one among all of those lectures. Many many thanks.

Most sincerely,
Janice K. Gerritsen
Legislative Chair & Past President of the Alliance of the Utah Dental Association

State of Connecticut Office of Policy & Management

People learn best when they are having fun and we appreciate the most entertaining way you presented The Turbo Charged Brain. You taught us how to untap our potential for remembering thereby increasing our job effectiveness and enabling us to truly make a difference to the people we serve.

Your presentation was so powerful it inspired me to try and use the tools you had shared with us. I found it amazing that by using ‘The Chain’, I could, in a matter of minutes, create a memorable story that enabled me to close the day out by recalling the names of all 17 OPM employees of the month….with no notes!

It was a pleasure to have you as part of our program. I don’t know how we will top your presentation at next year’s staff development day.

State Senator Robert L. Genuario

WIN Nevada

What a great presentation you gave at WIN in Reno Nevada. WIN has eleven meetings per year and each meeting features a speaker on one of a wide variety of topics. After attending almost 200 WIN meetings, including eleven as President, I have heard almost every motivational or how-to topic at one time or another. Some presenters have been good and others not so good. You were fantastic!

You definitely rate in the very top percentage of all time best WIN presenters I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. Your presentation was awesome!

Tom Fitzgerald
Past President
WIN Nevada

Investors Group

Backwards, forwards, upside down or sideways, whichever way you look at it, your involvement in our Tri-region meeting was fantastic.

We had hoped you would provide an entertaining lift to the activities, something to lighten the atmosphere a bit. You did this so effectively. But more than that you gave our representatives a meaningful message that they can use everyday to add value for clients.

Thank you Bob. You were the highlight of our conference. You far exceeded our expectations. Every evaluation form gave you a 10.

E. Raymond Pons. ACII, CLU
Investors Group Insurance Services

Equitable Life Of Canada

Your message on “I’m No Good With Names…” was timely, topical and entertaining. In the words of the attendees, “He was motivational and added humour to his talk. He made me glad to be among his audience!”

Bob, I am delighted that you were such a hit with out top producers and their guests. We have never had a speaker exceed 4.7 out of 5 on our evaluation forms…and you achieved 4.94.

John Roberts, CFP, CLU, CHFC
Director of Individual Sales and Distribution

General Motors

As you know, this was the first year that we had moved away from “pure” travel to a structured seminar format. As the first speaker, your mix of humour and ability to “teach” your memory systems in a relaxed informative way, was absolutely the best way to indoctrinate our participants to the new format.

You will be pleased to know that over 90% of the participants rated you at the high end in interest, and over 95% rated you at the high end on content. Along with this survey, we had a deluge of positive comments and rave reviews. It was so totally unique; that our participants were still talking about it long after your presentation was completed.

J.C. Blair
Manager, National Sales and Marketing Promotion

Du Pont

I wanted to let you know how much your 90-minute presentation meant to our conference. We are a marketing group that really needs to know the techniques to remember names, dates and lots of numbers. Your technique to teach a much-needed skill was fun and educational. You have a real ability to hold the crowd and keep them wanting more.

Catherine L. Parks
Sr. Marketing Assistant


Your presentation was extremely entertaining and one of the most educational business seminars we have experienced. The Account Managers have all responded enthusiastically to their newfound abilities pertaining to recall of names and faces. Our Vice President of marketing was right on the money when he suggested that “this training should have been mandatory before the Account Manager’s received their personal computers!”

Bruce Walker
Sales Manager

Worldwide ERC

Your closing general session was the perfect finishing touch to our meeting. With an attendance of about 1500 mobility professionals representing 37 countries, the message you delivered has resonated around the world.

One worldwide ERC member summed up everyone’s sentiments when he said “Please – bring him back!”

Your session received a rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5, the highest rating at the symposium.

H. Cris Collie CAE
Executive Vice President

Mackenzie Financial

Client recognition is an important issue in any business. But it’s a vital focus in ours. That’s because our 27 wholesalers call upon 30,000 independent brokers and dealers who, in turn, serve more than 1.4 million mutual fund investors. And a personal touch is essential to the continued success every one of these relationships. To put in another way, even the most sophisticated recognition program can never really succeed unless the people on the ground can reliably put first and last names to a large number of faces.

At our Spring Mackenzie University meetings across Canada, Bob Gray taught us, and those who represent us this critical skill. He did it with impact, charm and humour. And as you would expect, he did it memorably.

The benefits to our business have been immediate and will be lasting. I’m sure he could make an important contribution to your bottom line.

We heartily recommend Bob and his program of Building Total Recall.

Phil Cunningham
Mackenzie Financial Services Inc.

Manulife Financial

On behalf of Manulife Securities may I extend my sincere thanks for your wonderful presentation at our National Investment Forum last month. Your presentation was brilliant. The feedback immediately afterwards was excellent but what is more remarkable is that fully one month later I am still getting calls about you. Your presentation was very memorable.

As an after dinner speaker you were extremely entertaining and delivered just what we needed after a heavy day of technical presentations and educational sessions. We were able to sit back relax and enjoy but you slipped in a lot of learning anyway. Pretty sneaky. I highly recommend your session to any group anywhere.

Dianne Walker
National Manager, Sales and Marketing

Great West Life

Your memory techniques were amazing and the way you showed us how to apply them was humorous and effective. The comments that I have received from our participants have been outstanding. Your enthusiasm spread across the audience like wildfire!

I would not hesitate to recommend you as a speaker to anyone who is looking for an exceptional and outstanding person like yourself. The success of our congress could not have been the same without you.

Chris Chornick
Disability Insurance Marketing

Great Pacific Management

Your material was great…very useful. It takes the fear out of ‘not remembering names’. I think any situation, when you have confidence you can just about pull off anything. Having a firm grasp on the names of people is a strength… and not having this ability contributes to serious breaks in confidence in the business world.

I thought your delivery was exceptional. You have a unique ability in the delivery of information that is absolutely vital in keeping the attention of the crowd for an extended period of time.

You come highly recommended by Great Pacific to anyone considering your presentation for their conference.

Michael Nott
Executive Vice President
Great Pacific Management Co. Ltd.

Industrial Asset Management Council

Congratulations! You delivered an exceptional presentation at the recent Fall IAMC Leadership Seminar. Participants were relaxed, laughing and interacting as they learned how to strengthen their memory skills, this to me spells G-R-E-A-T V-A-L-U-E.

The evaluation report shows you scored an almost perfect 9.54 out of 10!

Hazel J. Pankey
Director, Conference Programs.
Industrial Asset Management Council

Canada Life

One of the challenges we face, on a Friday afternoon after a long week, is providing a session that can teach a unique skill in an entertaining environment. I can truly say your workshop did both. You provided tangible memory skills our sales force can use, as well as, the laughter and entertainment that made the afternoon enjoyable.

Laura Fruci
Group Marketing
Canada Life Assurance Company

TD Evergreen

You have an outstanding ability to present your memory techniques in an exciting and lively manner. Your excellent speaking skills captivated the audience for the entire presentation. Everyone that attended has benefited immeasurably by learning the skills necessary to improve their memory.

We received numerous compliments from our clients on a very enjoyable evening. Bob, you’re a man that your audience will Never Forget and we would highly recommend you as an outstanding speaker and entertainer.

Gillian Curik
Senior Investment Advisor
TD Evergreen

General Electric

I would like to thank you for your entertaining and informative half day workshop entitled “181 Minutes To Total Recall” conducted at our recent off-site meeting in Whistler, BC. The group was utterly engaged not only because of you excellent presentation delivery, but also because the techniques you taught us are tangible and capable of enhancing our job performance.

I was impressed, as was everyone present, at your ability to remember everyone’s names, and to have us utilizing the techniques within minutes of your teaching them to us.

R. Scott Lawrence
Quality Leader
GE Capital Canada

Tap Pharmaceutical

Your program was one of the biggest hits! I was lucky not only to introduce you, but to also sit through your session.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Remarks centered around how much fun you made the session, how they will never forget your techniques and how well you involved the audience.

Your blend of humour also made the program very enjoyable. I look forward to having you participate at future TAP U days.

Eric Otterbein
Director, Training & Career Development
TAP Pharmaceuticals Inc.

The Moscone Center

I just wanted to let you know how much we all enjoyed hearing your presentation. Everyone said it was the best seminar they had attended in their recent memory. As for myself, I have been in the convention business for 18 years and have attended well over 200 seminars and classes, I thought this was the very best of any of those that I have been to.

Melody Lendaro
Director of Sales & Marketing
The Moscone Center

Multi Rand Forum

After seeing you present in San Diego in January of this year, I was determined to suggest that you do a similar presentation in South Africa to the Multi Rand Forum, the showpiece for the financial industry in South Africa.

My trust and faith in you were not misplaced. We have received the most wonderful compliments from the delegates about your ‘performance’.

It was a great pleasure to do business with you; your professionalism and friendly manner were a highlight for me.

Melanie Campbell
Joint Managing Director
Event Dynamics

American Dental Association

Your ‘Right Brain Rapid Recall’ presentation was incredible. Bob, as a meeting planner in organized dentistry, I have planned hundreds of seminars across the country for the last 12 years. I have also attended programs from Seattle to Key Biscayne and from San Diego to Boston since 1979. Your program last Thursday has got to be one of the most impactful presentations that I have ever experienced. It was the best in 21 years.

You have a spirited style, humorous and witty. Your information is so vital to success in business and in life. You truly did put on a stellar performance.

Andy Doerfler, DDS

Indiana State Dental Association

I could not have been more impressed with your program “I’m No Good With Names…But I Never Forget A Face!” You are a gifted entertainer and speaker and you have put together a program that is absolutely incredible. Your stories kept the audience engaged but most impressive was your ability to incorporate practical training into your presentation. We were able to immediately begin applying the techniques you were teaching. It truly was an outstanding program.

Doug Bush
Executive Director
Indiana State Dental Association


It was a great pleasure working with you. Performing six times in two days is very difficult, yet you did it, with “style and grace”. Spending two entire days with a speaker allows me to see if they have an “off switch”. I am pleased to say you do not…I am truly impressed.

Casey Casort
PTL Administrator
The Boeing Company